Gerard Pique, Shakira and their son Milan chat before the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs Eibar at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on October 18, 2014.

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In many ways, every kiss between [Emma and Hook] had been rooted in a different aspect of their relationship. The first, passion; the second, love; the third, hope. Their amorous kiss here is based on all of these facets and reveals so much.” (x)


That head tilt thing he does when he sees past her wall


bu bana koydu baya

If true love was easy, we’d all have it.

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Hicran üzülürken içi giden Sinan yapmışlar çok mu çok güzel olmuş.

Ah be Hicran, ne vardı o güzel kalbini Sinana açsaydın? Ne de güzel sarardınız birbirinizin yaralarını.

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#runistanbul 💪


#runistanbul 💪


Sinan ya :)